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    The skin: spacious and delicate

    The skin covers the body and is equipped with a weight of 5 to 8kg, the largest human organ. Such a large organ that also has incommunicado is, susceptible to disease. There are congenital, allergic, infectious, inflammatory and tumorous or caused by heat and cold skin diseases in numerous variants. Common skin diseases in our latitudes are the psoriasis (psoriasis) and allergies (eg, contact dermatitis and eczema). In Western medicine mainly the characters are studied that leave the diseases on the skin. Because the skin is affected by the institutions, the psyche and the environment, it is sometimes difficult to find the cause of a skin disease. It makes matters worse, that many diseases "draw" similar symptoms on the skin.

    The skin defends the body

    In TCM, the disease is seen as a weakening of the defensive qi (wei qi). The Wei Qi is a form of life energy Qi (pronounced "Chee"). Wei Qi defends the body, opens and closes the pores and thereby regulating the secretion of sweat and body temperature. Skin diseases are caused by the intrusion of external factors such as wind, heat, humidity, dryness or poisons. Also inner disharmony, for example, Qi and Blood stagnation or yin deficiency can cause skin diseases. As in western medicine the TCM specialist study symptoms on your skin carefully. Depending on the cause the skin problem is treated in TCM with Chinese medicines, acupuncture, heat applications or cupping. Sometimes creams and tinctures for external use are used.

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