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    Who does not know it: Back pain

    Most people suffer in life at least once from back pain. Sometimes it develops to a permanent condition (chronic back pain). The costs for the economy and the population are enormous. For over 80% of those affected the diagnosis is called "unspecific back pain"; that means, no concrete cause will be found . It is clear that we are moving too little and sitting for too long. That is unnatural for the muscles and bones of the spine. Specialists suggest the lack of exercise is the main cause of non-specific back pain. The result of the misuse of the back are herniated discs and wear of the spinal column (arthritis).

    Blockage means pain

    In TCM, the cause for back pain is lead back to a dysregulation in the body. The TCM specialist looks for external and internal causes of back pain. Among the external causes include wind, moisture and cold or heat. This blocks the life force Qi (pronounced "Chee") and accumulates the blood Xue (pronounced "Schiä»). The internal cause of back pain is usually a functional weakness of the kidneys. In TCM the meaning of "kidney" is not the institution, but a functional system. Among other tasks the functional system "kidney" is responsible for the formation of bone marrow and the bones. Internal or external causes are often linked: First there is a weakness of the kidney, what it makes easier for the wind or the cold to penetrate into the body.

    Acupuncture is Top

    To get the cause of the back pain, the TCM specialist asks detailed question to the patient. Additional information give the pulse and tongue diagnosis. Depending on the cause of the back pain, there are various treatment methods to choose from. The treatment is normally with acupuncture, cupping, Tuina massage and herbal blends. The Acupuncture has especially been proven to back pain. A scientific study of 2007 showed the benefits of acupuncture for lower back pain.

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