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    The vexing problem with the weight

    In Western countries, half of the population has too much fat on the ribs. Half of these people carry so much fat that their health is at risk. The reasons are obvious: We eat too much of anything; mainly fat and sugar. On the other hand we don't move enough. On rare occasions, someone increases her or his weight, without eating too much. Such people suffer from metabolic or hormonal disorders.

    In parallel with the spread of obesity in the population, a whole line of business is established: the diets. There are dozens of mostly useless "tips and tricks" about weight loss. Who wants (or who must) lose weight should carefully consider the "how".

    A body in balance does not increase weight

    In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the causes of obesity is not only investigated in the eating behavior. Also constitution, heredity, age and emotional and physical health play a role.

    Affected functional circuits with weight problems are the spleen (Pi) and the stomach (Wei). The spleen removes the stomach food and liquid and thus forms the basis of the life energy "Qi". For example, a spleen qi deficiency with moisture stress contribute to obesity as the spleen transforms food insufficient.

    To reduce obesity, the spleen and the stomach are put into motion again. As in Western medicine, the diet (Dietetics) is in TCM as treatment in the foreground. It is however not about counting calories. Crucial for a balanced diet are a combination of "warm" and "cold" food, meal times and a seasonal selection of food. How exactly the dietary recommendations look, depends on the exact diagnosis. In addition to dietetics acupuncture, Tuina massage and medical herbs are considered to restore the natural flow of energy in the body.

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