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  • Tuina Massage
  • Tuina Massage

    Tuina means "pushing and pressing" (Tui) and "grasping and pulling" (Na). It is a massage technique that originated in China over many centuries from numerous treatment techniques.

    The Tuina massage serves the same purpose as acupuncture: identify and resolve blockades to ensure that the life energy Qi (pronounced "Chee") can flow. The Tuina Massage is idealy suited for the following conditions:

    • Post-treatment of sports injuries such as pulled muscles and bruises
    • Osteoarthritis, back pain, disc problems and tennis elbow
    • Treatment of scars
    • Children with Allergies

    A Tuina massage stimulates muscles, tendons and joints. This will solve congestions and blockages in the meridians of the body. Tuina massage can combined well with other therapeutic methods of TCM: for example, with acupuncture or moxibustion.

    The Treatment with Tuina Massage

    After careful questioning and examination the TCM specialist decides whether a Tuina massage can help the person concerned. Important therapeutic goals are

    • freedom from pain
    • Relaxation
    • Let it flow blood and qi
    • Regulate disorders of muscles and joints

    To achieve these objectives, there are numerous massage techniques. The Tui (pushing, pressing) removes blockages of life energy Qi and blood Xue (pronounced "Schiä»). The Na (gripping, pulling) resolves stagnation and opens the meridians in the body. For the Tuina massage still other techniques are used (brushing, circles, knocking) that are running with fingers, thumbs, palms or elbows.

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