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  • Cupping

    The Greek and Egyptian doctors used cupping since ancient times. In similar form, the Chinese knew this method of treatment. Cupping stimulates the blood circulation, which promotes the flow of energy. The method of cupping is also suitable to suck wealth syndromes or morbid factors such as "Wind" (cold) from the body.

    Cupping finds its application in numerous health problems. These include diseases of the locomotor system (muscle tension, disc problems), pain syndromes (neuralgia), colds and diseases of the internal organs (asthma, constipation, disturbances of the menstrual period).

    The Treatment with Cupping

    On the skin patch cupping stimulate the same pathways as acupuncture. By warming up or pumping out the air created in the cupping glass, a vacuum and thus a suction effect on skin and subcutaneous tissue. This increases the flow of blood and lymph.

    Depending on the health problem the TCM specialist uses one to six cupping glasses on selected acupuncture points on the skin. After five to ten minutes the cupping will be removed. Frequently the cupping is leaving a bruise on the skin, but it decays rapidly.

    Cupping can be ideally combined with acupuncture: After the acupuncture needle was inserted into the skin, it is topped with a cupping glass.

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