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  • Energy Deficiency

    If the energy doesn't want to flow

    Do you sometimes feel tired, listless and unfocused? Do you miss some energy? Then some people are talking of spring fatigue and others are seriously worried about their health. There are many causes for lack of energy: They range from lack of sleep and Stress to anemia or tumor diseases. For Western medicine the Symptom "lack of energy" is hard to grasp. Numerous organic disease make those affected tired, listless and unfocused. In TCM, the lack of energy means that the energy is no longer flowing correct through the Body.

    Qi must flow

    The TCM takes the people as a living being, through which the energy must flow. The Qi (pronounced "Chee") forms the basis. Qi is the vital energy that, for example, that can be recognized in thinking, breathing, moving and digesting. The person is healthy if the Qi flows in his tracks (Meridians) evenly through the body and engage the body to function harmoniously. Is the Qi disturbed, the person becomes ill. Complains a man in the TCM center lack of energy, so the TCM specialist looks for the disturbance in the flow of energy. A detailed discussion and pulse and tongue diagnosis provide valuable clues to the causes of energy deficiency.

    Steer the Qi in its tracks

    Is it clear why the flow of energy increased, the TCM specialist selects the ideal treatment. The Qi is brought back into the swing. With acupuncture the life energy can draw back into their orbits. As well other forms of treatment of TCM are suitable, the bring the energy flow in order: This includes the application of heat (moxibustion), Tuina massage, Nutritional and medicinal herbs.

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