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TCM kangtai Männedorf

Acupuncture in Männedorf. Our center is located between the train station and Lake of Zurich in the first floor of the house at the Postgasse 8. Public parking is available directly before the center. For an appointment please contact us at 044 885 68 68 or via email :

Address and Location

Our Location in Männedorf: Postgasse 8

Opening hours

Our center is open at the following days

weekday morning afternoon
Monday 09.30-12.15 14.00-19.30
Tuesday 09.30-12.15 14.00-19.30
Wednesday 14.00-19.30
Thursday 09.30-12.15 14.00-19.30
Friday 09.30-12.15 14.00-19.30
Saturday 09.30-12.15

Our Team in Männedorf

TCM Specialist Jun Chen

TCM Practitioner Jun Chen

ZSR-Nr.: C544063
1992-1998 TCM study at the TCM University of Nanjing in China
From 1998-2019, he worked as a TCM therapist in various hospitals in Jiangsu Province, China.
Since 2019 he works for TCM kangtai GmbH

TCM Specialist Rugao Wang

TCM Practitioner Rugao Wang

ZSR-Nr.: N063363
1989-1994 Chinese Medicine study at the TCM University of Yangzhou in China
1994-2016 TCM Practitioner in hospitals in Siyang and Bejing
Mr. Wang is working for TCM kangtai since 2017.

TCM Spezialisin Xinying Wang

TCM Practitioner Xinying Wang

ZSR-Nr.: Y281263
EGK-Nr.: 36477
2001-2006 TCM studies at the TCM University of Liaoning in China
2006-2018 TCM Practitioner in hospitals in Liaoning city, china
Mrs. Wang works since 2018 for TCM kangtai.

Übersetzerin / Praxisassistentin Chunxiu Ly Ye

Translator / Assistant Chunxiu Ly Ye

Mrs. Ly Ye grew up in china and worked as a beautician there. Since 1998 she lives in Switzerland and since 2018 she works for TCM kangtai as Translator / Assistant. She speaks chinese and german.