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    Settlement of costs

    The therapists of TCM kangtai are members of the associations EMR (Experience Medical Register), ASCA (Foundation for the recognition and development of alternative and complementary medicine) and SBO-TCM (Swiss Professional Organization for Traditional Chinese Medicine). They are also registered with the EGK therapist office. The treatment is in general included in the supplementary health insurance. Please clarify this before your treatments. If you require further assistance regarding health insurance, please contact us at 079 535 90 83 or

    Insurances affiliated with ASCA

    Insurances affiliated with EMR

    Price List

    Therapy Session Type Price
    Chinese Diagnosis 60 CHF
    Acupuncture one Session 125 CHF
    Tuina Massage one Session 104 CHF
    Cupping one Session 104 CHF
    Acupuncture, Cupping, Tuina Massage maximum per Session 165 CHF
    Tuina Massage additional treatment every 10 minutes 26 CHF
    Cupping additional treatment every 10 minutes 26 CHF
    Herbs Therapy every 15 minutes 30 CHF
    missed Appointment 40 CHF

    Add-on therapy

    The diagnosis takes approximately 25 minutes, a session Tuina massage or Cupping takes about 40 minutes, acupuncture about 50 minutes. Additional treatments up to 20 minutes. Methods are combined in general in order to achieve an optimum effect. For a meeting with additional treatment it can be expected a duration of 60 to 75 minutes. Per session with additional treatment (without diagnosis and without herbal therapy) we will charge you a maximum of 165 CHF.