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  • Headache and Migraine

    Headache is not the same as headache

    Headache is among the most common complaints of the people. Who does not know that: After a day of work in front of computer screen, a dull ache in the head spreads out. Doctors refer to this case of a tension headache. It is annoying but harmless. Headaches that are severe, long-lasting or with other signs of illness, have to be taken more seriously. Recurrent, severe pain on one head half point to, for example, a Migraine. If a headache begins intensive and will quickly get worse, bleeding within the brain might be behind of this. Headaches are often signs of other diseases: One knows it from the flu or the common cold. Since headaches ranging from mild to life-threatening, an accurate diagnosis is mandatory. In Western medicine, this is done through a careful survey of the subjected person and using neurological and imaging studies (eg. as computed tomography).

    When the wind blows in the lungs

    The TCM also has numerous variants of headaches. The classification is based on the "When", "Where" and "how". Therefore, also in the TCM the conversation with patients is decisively. The head ache in the evening for example, could indicate a blood or Yin deficiency. If it hurts the whole head, the TCM specialist sees as the Cause a penetration of wind cold in the lungs. That sounds strange to Western ears. If one considers as well the other symptoms that belong to the wind cold, such as fever, chills and Body aches, that seems for us more common. We speak of flu or a bad cold.

    TCM: Proven in chronic headache

    The TCM adjusts the treatment of the headache. Depending on the organ system (kidneys, liver) or external influences (wind, cold) the TCM specialist sets at appropriate places of the Body acupuncture needles. Against many types of headache, there are also medicinal herbs, which are mixed individually. A third treatment option is the Tuina massage. The treatment methods of TCM have especially in chronic headaches like migraine its worth.

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