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  • Diätetik
  • Dietetics (Nutritional Therapy)

    "You are what you eat." This realization has in TCM special significance. Food and Drink materialize the Food Qi (Gu Qi). The different functional systems of the body extract from it its energy. A human being who feeds himself careless or unilaterally, suffers and is sick.

    The TCM uses the nutritional therapy both for maintaining health as well as for the treatment of many disorders. Unlike in the Western world the boundaries between food and remedies are fluent in China. Therefore, Chinese doctors combine foods with herbs to bring the energy flow in the body back into balance.

    The Chinese recognized a long time ago that you can prevent the onset of disease through food. So the prevention became a main pillar of the dietary advice. The effects healthy eating include, for example, life extension and cosmetic effects. Today we call it "anti-aging".

    Dietetics as Treatment

    In addition to the prevention the diet is given as well as a treatment of disease. The effect of food is based on their characteristics: temperature, taste, site of action and direction.

    The basis of dietetics in TCM is based on a detailed survey on eating habits and possible complaints of those affected. From this information, the TCM specialist creates nutritional recommendations. Depending on the symptoms, for example, heating or cooling food is recommended. But as well suggestions for food preparation, when the food shall be taken over the day and matching beverages expand the range of dietetics in the TCM.

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