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  • Lebensenergie Qi
  • The Life Energy Qi

    The Chinese character for Qi (pronounced "Chee") is composed of the characters for "uncooked rice" and "steam". That means, Qi is both materially and energetically. The Chinese see the Qi as cosmic life and creative power: Qi is everywhere and in everything. All things and operations in the world are only a transformation of qi. Yin and yang are an image of this transformation.

    The Life Energy Qi as part of the TCM

    Can the qi flow freely in the body, the person is healthy. A part of the Qi that one has available in life, comes from our ancestors; is therefore inherited. The rest of the life-qi we get from food and air. Any disturbance of qi leads to diseases. To get the Qi and let it flow freely, is one of the most important tasks of TCM.

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