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  • Menopause Discomfort

    The Menopause of Women

    The word "menopause" describes the hormonal changes in the female body from the age of 45. The ovaries slowly reduce their operation. This has the result that there are less female hormones (Estrogens) produced. At the beginning of menopause the estrogen deficiency affects the uterine bleeding: The bleeding come irregularly, sometimes more - sometimes weaker. One day the female cycle will stop and the bleeding will stop. How long the transition is going, is different from one woman to another. Since estrogens all work in the body, their lack causes numerous complaints: hot flushes, Palpitations, headache, lethargy, nervousness, sleep disorders or even depression. The Estrogen deficiency diminishes the bone density - which can result in osteoporosis (brittle bones). Not all women suffer equally among the menopausal symptoms. Approximately one-third developed moderate or severe symptoms. Until a few years ago many women were treated with drugs that replace the lack of estrogen. Today we know that these drugs increase the risk of breast cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases easily. The TCM provides meaningful alternatives.

    Deterioration of kidney yin

    From the perspective of TCM the menopause is the waning power of the kidney yin. The TCM sees in the kidneys not the institution itself, but a smorgasbord of features: The kidneys provide power, dominate conception, birth and growth, control the water or harboring willpower. Lacks the body of kidney yin, yang may no longer be held and rises as "Empty-Fire" up. It follows the idea of TCM treatment: nourish Yin to keep the Yang.

    Targeted treatment with medicinal formulations

    Yin can be set up well with drug formulations. Which recipe the TCM specialist uses depends on the symptoms. The therapy aims to bring yin and yang back into balance. A high priority in the treatment of menopausal symptoms have diet and exercise. Food and drinks that trigger hot flashes (hot spices, coffee, alcohol) should shun those affected. Regular physical activity helps to prevent weight gain and osteoporosis. An additional therapeutic option provides some discomfort acupuncture. When sweating or Water retention (edema) the treatment with acupuncture can support medical herbs.

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